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Priority Toyota Springfield direct to the public "Pre-Auction Vehicles"!

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Priority Toyota Springfield direct to the public "Pre-Auction Vehicles"!

These "Pre-Auction" Trade-ins do not meet Priority Toyota  retail standards, so we offer discounted prices on these pre-auction vehicles to the public prior to sending them to auction. These vehicles have either mechanical imperfections or cosmetic imperfections but still can be of great value to you and your family with the understanding that vehicles cannot be returned for any reason after the allotted 48 hours described in our written disclaimer and agreement. 


All pre-auction vehicles are sold "AS IS", where IS, with no warranty, expressed or implied. Priority Toyota makes no representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind with respect to these vehicles, and all warranties are expressly disclaimed. Without limiting the preceding,  dealer has no obligation or liability to fix or repair the vehicle before or after the sale, or at any time in the future. All pre-auction vehicles are sold as-is.


It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to ascertain, confirm, research, inspect, and/or investigate the vehicle and any and all information regarding the type, condition, and status of the vehicle prior to purchasing the vehicle.  We do allow a 48 hour return policy to review and inspect the vehicle.